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Ready-to-use food
Other series
Ready-to-use food

1.Abalone sauce

Minzheng abalone juice in the selection of materials is strictly selected enough to directly sell fresh abalone, supplemented by free-range fangshan old hen, fresh ribs and Japanese imports dried shellfish and other high quality food materials together to boil, refused to add flavor, pigment, meat king, abalone paste, seafood powder and other additives, the real material from the source to ensure the quality of abalone juice.

In terms of production technology, minzheng emphasizes the traditional technology of caldron boiling with slow fire and simmering for 24 hours. The inheritance of the ancient method shows more ingenuity. Is different from the common room temperature packaging on the market, after completion of abalone sauce stewing, fujian is choosing the rare form of quick-freezing encapsulation refrigeration, will firmly locked bao juice taste delicious, compared to traditional normal packing is more fresh and pure, also to avoid the high temperature and high pressure loss of the original nutrition and taste, without processing canned flavour, maintain the authenticity of the ingredients.

2. fo tiao qiang

Buddha jump wall, formerly known as full altar incense, fu shou quan, fuzhou, fujian province, is a local cuisine, fujian cuisine. Buddha jump wall usually choose abalone, sea cucumber, fish lip, yak skin glue, oyster mushroom, hamstring, mushroom, cuttlefish, conpoy, quail egg and so on together, add stock and shaoxing wine, simmer system.

Buddha jump wall in the process of simmering almost no fragrance, but when simmering into open altar, just slightly opened the lotus leaf, there are fragrant, straight into the heart and spleen. Sheng out of the soup thick brown, but thick and not greasy. When eating wine aroma and a variety of aroma mix, fragrance floating four, rotten but not rotten, taste infinite.

Min zheng selected more than 10 kinds of delicacies, to create the most weight of 1500 grams of Buddha jump wall, for 6 to 8 people together to eat. To this end, fujian is selected more than a dozen kinds of delicacies, including commercial specifications of fresh abalone, Japanese imports of dried shellfish, sea cucumber, silver thread, flower glue and other rare seafood materials, supplemented by duck palm, mushroom, white mushroom and other delicacies essence, really restore the fujian cuisine should be the first "noodles".

Minzheng Buddha jump wall new products also maintain a consistent concept of fast food, can be heated aluminum foil box for customers to choose a variety of cooking methods, not only can be poured into the pot normal fire cooking, can also be directly split off the aluminum foil rely on boiling water cooking, or defrost attached plastic wrap through the microwave. Compared with ten hours of cooking, the cooking time of minzheng Buddha jumping over the wall is greatly shortened to 20-30 minutes, which can enjoy a gluttonous feast for 6-8 people.

3. Ready-to-eat canned abalone

Minzheng instant canned abalone, the selection of fujian lianjiang live fresh abalone, through the shell, offal and other procedures after simmering system, to achieve Q elastic refreshing, fresh soft and smooth taste. The essence of fresh abalone is also contained in every drop of fragrant abalone juice. In addition, the abalone juice is enriched by the addition of high-quality ingredients such as free-range pension hens, Japanese imported dried shellfish and fresh ribs.

In terms of production technology, minzheng emphasizes the traditional technology of caldron boiling with slow fire and simmering for 24 hours. The inheritance of the ancient method shows more ingenuity. Throughout the process, fujian is committed to no preservatives, flavor, color and other additives, after 120 degrees of high temperature sterilization, sealed canning, really do the old and young, eat more assured.