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Address by the Chairman
Company Summary
Address by the Chairman

Zhangzhou minzheng food co., LTD., founded in July 2011, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating professional seedling cultivation, breeding, processing, sales, scientific research and export. With a registered capital of 45 million yuan, minzheng covers an area of 40,000 square meters and a total construction area of 18,500 square meters. It has more than 1,000 employees and a production and processing workshop of 6,000 square meters. The annual processing capacity of the production workshop can reach 60,000 tons. The daily output of quick-frozen storage is 300 tons, and the storage capacity of cold storage is 10,000 tons.

At present, minzheng mainly produces abalone and shrimp, as well as frozen crab, squid, balang fish, hairtail, bamboo leaf fish, frozen sardines and other aquatic products. Adhering to the business philosophy of people-oriented, quality first and integrity first, minzheng adheres to the development path of "marketization, industrialization, informatization and internationalization" with scientific management mode, pragmatic working attitude and advanced management experience, and pushes fresh, natural, healthy and high-quality products to the market.

Minzheng abalone is selected from dongshan island, an important abalone breeding base in the coast of China. The cultivation area is strictly divided, the running water quality is of high standard, and the natural food of asparagus is fed. From seedling to maturity, the process of abalone cultivation in minzheng needs to last for two years, and the sale of abalone after it has grown for two years is a rule set by minzheng to ensure that the high economic value of abalone will not slacken the pursuit of quality. All the year round, minzheng only receives season season fresh abalone, the normal survival rate of abalone is up to 95%. Carefully selected high quality abalone, eliminate any peeling, bubble medicine, ice, water and other industry chaos, in a bright and thorough way, to present the delicate taste of abalone. In terms of processing technology, minzheng mechanized production and processing workshop has realized a series of automatic operations such as fresh abalone cleaning, film removal, blanching and quick-freezing. Unique blanching patented technology, blanching bao yu to 80 mature, frozen fresh refrigeration package, open the bag after cooking about 3 minutes to eat, convenient and quick.

Fujian have highly qualified management personnel, technical personnel and skilled workers for many years engaged in aquatic products processing, production workshop layout reasonable, perfect supporting production facilities, product quality and health management system is established, in order to ensure the quality of product safety and health, and seriously implement the "export food production enterprises for the record management regulations", "food safety law of the People's Republic of China" and other quality requirements of the contract, carefully organize production, inspection, supervision, strict to the quality of our products have won high praise from domestic and international partners.

Company Summary

Founded in 2011, binqi group is a collectivize enterprise integrating aquaculture, independent research and development, processing and production, foreign trade and domestic sales.

At present, binqi has xiamen dachen biotechnology co., LTD., xiamen binqi import and export co., LTD., xiamen binda investment co., LTD., zhangzhou minzheng food co., LTD., dongshan dayuan aquiculture farm, dongshan fuxin aquiculture co., LTD. And other holding subsidiaries.

Chen binqi, the founder and chairman of the board of directors, holds the title of "abalone breeding expert" in fujian province. With nearly 20 years of breeding and marketing experience, he has made his unique views on the integration of production, supply and marketing of seafood market.

In 1995, chairman Chen binqi established three major breeding bases, and successively established zhangzhou minzheng food co., LTD., xiamen binqi import and export co., LTD., and other enterprises. Bin qi enterprise adhering to the people-oriented, sincere to win the trust of the business philosophy, the use of scientific management experience, quality products to the market, so that enterprises continue to grow and win the praise of many partners at home and abroad.

Since 2000, in order to better adapt to the development of diversified enterprises, the group has carried out a series of major reforms in development mode, organizational structure, corporate governance and other aspects, established a management mode suitable for binqi's own characteristics, and laid the current business pattern and operation scale. The group's business involves aquaculture, aquatic processing, aquatic products foreign trade and domestic sales, pregnant and infant care, finance and so on. At present, the business scale of aquaculture and aquaculture processing in binqi is growing, and the business performance and efficiency of aquatic products in domestic and foreign trade are outstanding in the industry, and the pregnant and infant care business is also developing gradually.

Looking forward to the future, binqi will continue to develop together with global customers in a win-win way and enter the domestic and foreign markets in a positive and steady manner. By constantly innovating business models, creating products and service brands, effectively promoting industrial development, and making due contributions to improving the quality of life of the public.